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Word of Allah in Quran: Allah says don’t stress too much.

In this aspect, what should we do? What does the Quran and Sunnah tell us about battling with that type of stress? What do you learn from the first thoughts that comes from the believers as they enter Jannah?

The first thought is what? No more worrying. That shows us dear Muslims that this world is associated with feeling anxious. This world every steps, every single part of our journey every day, every week and every month there is something else that is going to bring us which is anxiety and grief.

Dear brothers and sisters, look back at any phase of your life. When things are good we are worried that things are going to be bad. When things are bad we are worried that things are bad.

When money is wealth a lot we are worried is going to go away, investment is going to go down. When money is tight we are worried money is tight.

There is no situation or scenario that we find ourselves in except that there is some anxiety some grief somewhere. Truly not all anxiety is the same.

We have proof over our heads and food in the pantry and fridge, that is much better than those who do not have security and food but still feeling anxiety, worried and stress out.

It is a part and parcel of being human and it will only be completely gone when we enter Jannah and that is why dear brothers and sisters.

It is so important that we understand and we tackle head-on the reality of stress and grief and make it a part of our daily discourse that it is nothing wrong to feel anxious.

You do not have to feel guilty for feeling stressed out especially in this time of pandemic. Now the question is: How can we not be anxious, worried and stressed out?

People are dying and everyone among us has had family or friends that have passed away, on top of this we have limited socialization.

Some of the things that would relieve our stress was to be with friends and family and all of a sudden the they are no more.

Anxiety in terms of money, so many of us our job situations maybe even we are looking for jobs and in this pandemic.

Families being cooped up should bring more love but the reality is with that love also comes tension.  Sometimes it happened between husband and wife, and sometimes it happens between father and son.

When this takes place it become worst because you are all cooped up. With no doubt during this time frame, this pandemic it is understandable then anxiety and stress and grieve and worry is going to increase.

In this time, What should we do?

What does the Quran and Sunnah tell us about battling with that type of stress?

First and foremost, dear Muslims realize that the Quran tells us that people of piety can stress. People of Taqwa feeling anxious.

The fact that you are stressed out does not mean you have bad Iman, weak Iman or even lack of Iman. No! Thinking that way is wrong.

People of Taqwa and people of Iman also feel stressed out. Look at the Quran, there are so many examples Allah (SWT) tells us that the mother of Musa was full of grieve when she put Musa in that basket and it went away.

Allah Azzawajal said to her Quran 28:7 ” We suggested to the mother of Moses: “Suckle your child, but when you fear for his life cast him into the river and be not fearful nor grieve, for We shall restore him to you and make him one of the Messengers.”

She was worried and stressed out Allah revealed to her indirectly that calm down.

Mariam (AS) one of the greatest, when she was all alone, she had no friend, no companion and she was giving birth she was stressed out.

Quran 19:24 ” Thereupon the angel below her cried out: “Grieve not, for your Lord has caused a stream of water to flow beneath you..”

The fact that she was Maryam did not negate that she was worried. Her Iman was one place and the worry was another place. They are not mutually exclusive.

We learn in the Quran that Yaqub (AS) was stressed out. He was seriously stressed out that his anxiety caused him to lose his sight.

Read Quran 12:84. “And he turned away from them and said, Oh, my sorrow over Joseph, and his eyes became white from grief, for he was [of that] a suppressor.”

Because of anxiety his eyes did not work the way they were supposed to work.

Yaqub (AS) is a prophet is anybody going to accuse Yaqub of not having faith, not having Iman. Why are you stressed out Yaqub (AS). Don’t you have Iman in Allah?

Feeling stress and Iman are not mutually exclusive you can have both together. We have both in the Quran as well Abu Bakr Al-Sidiq was woried in the Gari Thawr and the prophet (SAW) calmed him down.

The prophet (SAW) himself said that don’t worry Allah Azzawajal is with us as seen in Quran 9:40

“It will matter little if you do not help the Prophet, for Allah surely helped him when the unbelievers drove him out of his home and he was but one of the two when they were in the cave, and when he said to his companion: “Do not grieve.”

And even the Sahaba multiple times Allah Azzawajal tells them. Sometimes even for financial issues you know the stock market crashes many of us might feel anxious.

Believe in Allah, nothing is too much or too big for him.



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