Shocking Fact About Masturbation


Masturbation is when someone strokes or rubs their own genitals for sexual pleasure. Both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) cannot be brought on through masturbation.

According to WHO, Masturbation is an excellent approach to get to know your body and your sexual feelings without having to deal with the issues that can arise when having sex or engaging in other sexual activities with another person.

Some people may rub or stroke their penis, or they may use their fingers to touch the sensitive organ called the clitoris, which lies immediately above the vaginal opening. Orgasm might occur after masturbation occasionally or not.

There are various forms of masturbation which involve clitoral or nipple stimulation and anal or vaginal penetration all count as types of masturbation.

Causes And How To Stop Masturbation

There are several reasons why people masturbate. These include enjoyment, fun, and the release of tension. While some people like to masturbate alone, others prefer to do so with a partner.

Below are the things one can do to stop masturbation;

Exercise: Exercise is one of the best thing that can help us stop masturbation because it will keep us busy and make us not to have sexual feelings.

It is well defined as physical activity that is planned, structured, and repeated with the goal of training the body.

Find a support group: A support group provides a safe environment where you may talk about your feelings and circumstances with people who understand and will not judge or criticize you.

It can also help you to improve your coping skills. You may need to develop new coping strategies as you face difficult conditions.

Spend more time with other people: Spending time with someone is making oneself available to him by remaining with him, doing things together, conversing, calling, and engaging in other forms of communication.

People who spend quality time with one another are happier and more contented than those who do not.

Even if you are a great achiever, having strong social links will make you happier than focusing just on your career.

Seek expert assistance: It is an act of requesting, pursuing, or endeavor to obtain treatment or counseling from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

When we are in distress and it is interfering with various aspects of our lives, we should seek help.

If we have thoughts of harming ourselves or others, it is critical that we get help from mental health professionals.

Continue to be active: Regular moderate-intensity physical activity can help reduce the risk of many diseases. Regular physical activity can also help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Selecting activities and workouts that you enjoy and look forward to will help you stay motivated more frequently.

Having known all these, many says that masturbation is not sin, while many says that it is a sin against God. Let see what the scripture says about this.

Is masturbation a sin in the Bible

Christians are left without clear guidelines on the subject because the Bible makes no explicit allusions to masturbation.

In Paul’s advice to the singles, it is clear that the Bible forbids any form of sexual pleasure other from physical intimacy with your husband. See the account of (1 Corinthians 7:9 KJV) says;

“But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn”.

But Paul isn’t arguing that you should marry if you’re in love. He was stating that if you have a high sex drive, you should seek to be married rather than single.

As a result, the only sexual solutions provided here for singles are the same as those provided for married persons, according to the Bible.

The Bible does not provide sexual specifics, but rather categories within which Christians are to live. They are the same for unmarried people as they are for married people.


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