Patience in Islam


Patience in Islam:

The word “Islam” means “submission to God’s will.” · Muslims are adherents of Islam. There for to be able to be a true Muslim worshiper you must learn how to be patience.

Muslims strive to live a life of complete submission to Allah. They believe that nothing can occur without the permission of Allah, but humans have free will.

Patience (sabr in Arabic) has many benefits and rewards in Islam. Patience is an admirable quality that allows us to connect Allah (SWT).

Let see what we have in (Quran, 11:115) “Be patient [steadfast]: God does not let the rewards of those who do good go to waste.”

This is to reassure the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the believers that they must patiently await the consequences of the unbelievers’ misbehavior.

Now that we about about Islamic

There many things Allah ask us to do so we will be able to have patience, below are the 5 important things:

  1. Read the Quran.
  2. Fast and pray to Allah.
  3. Avoid bad company and bad act.
  4. Worship only Allah SWT.
  5. Satisfy with what Allah give you.

Read the Quran

It takes dedication and determination to learn the Qur’an. The Quran is typically memorized by reading it aloud but not very loudly.

To learn to read the Quran, you must first listen to a good teacher and reciter recite the Quran word for word and verse for verse.

When suffering from loss or pain, listening to and reciting the Quran every day can help one recover quickly. It will also help you develop patience and being closer to Allah.

Let see what Allah says in (Quran 2:45) Seek help with patience and prayer – though this is hard indeed for anyone but the humble.”

Knowing this will make you read your Quran everyday because it will develop your patience.

Fast and pray to Allah

Prayer and fasting are regarded as two precious gifts from God to His servants in Islamic scriptures. Prayer is a form of worship created by God in a unique way.

Prayer, a very beautiful act of worship, is full of profound meanings and, at the same time, an artistic masterpiece in the way it has been designed.

Let see the usefulness of fast and pray in Quran 2:45-46, “And seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, it is a burden except for the humble— those who are certain that they will meet their Lord and to Him they will return.”

The verse above shows us that Fasting protects us from the Fire, leads us to Jannah, improves our physical health, increases Taqwa, increase our patience and so much more!

Avoid bad company and bad act

Without a doubt, keeping company with bad friends is a big risk and an obvious affliction that exposes one to various forms of evil and danger in this life and the next.

The best way one can avoid bad company is engaging in beneficial knowledge learning and teaching, reciting and learning the noble Quran, and filling free time with acts of worship.

If you are unsure whether someone’s company is good or bad, you can use the Istikharah prayer for guidance in any situation.

Allah says in His word: “Do you friends but with those who believe and do not eat, except to those who fear Allah.”

To be develop your patience with Allah you must abstain from bad friends, if you are not sure if your friends are good friends you can use the Istikharah prayer for guidance.

  • Worship only Allah SWT               

Worshiping Allah alone is the sole purpose for which humans and jinn were created. It is the reason for which the Prophets and Messengers were sent to warn us of Hellfire as a punishment for committing idolatry and to bring us glad tidings of Paradise as a reward for actualizing monotheism.

Allah stated: Surat al-Dhariyat 51:56, ” I have not created humans or jinn but to worship Me.”

Allah also stated: ” Surat al-Nahl 16:36, “We have certainly sent a Messenger of every nation, saying: Worship Allah and avoid false gods.”

Seeing those verses above, we have come to know that it involves one fulfills certain deeds which Almighty Allah has commanded in His religion Islam, whether they deal with the inner self or the outer body, and whether they be obligatory or voluntary.

Satisfy with what Allah give you

If you seek happiness, be contented with the looks Allah has bestowed upon you, your family situation, the sound of your voice, the level of your understanding, and the amount of your salary.

As a result, your worth is determined by your abilities, good deeds, manners, and contributions to society.

Do not mourn what has passed you by in life in terms of good looks, wealth, or family; instead, be contented with what Allah has allotted for you.

Remember Allah says, And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.” (Ad-Duhaa [93] : 5)

Having known this will make us to be satisfied with what Allah has given to us because He will bless us abundantly.

Reward of patience in Islam

Patience is highly valued in the eyes of Allah Almighty and Islam. Patience is the best of deeds and has an unlimited reward.

Patience (sabr in Arabic) has many benefits and rewards in Islam. Patience is an admirable quality that allows us to connect with Allah (SWT), speak and act on the truth, and persevere in the face of adversity.

Patience, in its purest form, is one of the greatest acts of worship; by being patient, we fully commit ourselves to Allah’s Will and accept whatever He has written for us.

Patience is something that Almighty Allah recommends, which means it takes determination. Patience is a great virtue and importance that we will recover with great rewards and benefits.

This article helps us to know our patience status with Allah. Having known all this let keep pushing to develop our patience and we will also benefit a lot from it.

May Allah bless you abundantly scripture unit cares.


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