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Ministering is the act of helping others members in the church which is assign to some peoples. It strengthen people’s faith with God.

If we minister we are serving others as our savior Jesus Christ did, as seen in the account of (Matthew 20:26–28, Acts 10:38). Jesus Christ ministered till death according to the scripture.

What are the 4 biblical ministries?

The 5 ministries up for debate are:

  1. Apostle.
  2. Prophet.
  3. Evangelist.
  4. Pastor and Teacher.

In truth, the pastor and teacher are mentioned in scripture as a single entity, hence this has been incorrectly referred to as the 5-fold ministry.

Apostle: Apostolic ministers are part of an apostolic ministry, which means they lead followers in the teaching of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles. Being an apostolic minister necessitates a thorough examination.

The term “apostles” was used in the New Testament to denote persons who were “sent” out by the Lord Jesus to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom as seen in the account of (Matthew 10:1-3).

The apostles’ task or purpose was simple enough which is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone on the planet.

Prophet: In religion, a prophet or prophetess is a person who is said to be in contact with a divine being and to speak on its behalf, acting as an intermediary between humanity and the supernatural source by delivering messages or teachings to others.

There are many prophet of God which they are mentioned in the Old Testament, they are Daniel, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, and Moses.

Prophets are also mentioned in the New Testament. Jesus referred to John the Baptist as a prophet. Christians regard him as a link between the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament prophets.

Today too there are many people that is known as a prophet even if they are not mentioned in the scripture.

Evangelist: An evangelist is someone who goes from one location to another in order to convert others to Christianity.

They are also recognized as someone who frequently extols the virtues of something and attempts to persuade you to share their opinion.

Natural mode, body/life mode, and ministry mode are the three main component of Evangelist. Natural mode is relating to the individuals God has placed in your life.

Pastor and Teacher: According to the Bible Preachers must not be afraid to dig deep, and instructors must not be ashamed to proclaim their faith passionately.

Because God’s truth is not limited to the seminary classroom, God desires preachers to teach. Paul ordered Timothy to preach as well as teach.

What are the three ministry levels?

There are three main levels of ministries, they are;

  1. Bishops
  2. Elders
  3. Deacons

Bishop: A bishop is an ordained clergy member who is given leadership and oversight over a religious institution.

Bishops are typically in charge of governing dioceses in Christianity. The role or office of bishop is referred to as episcopacy.

Bishop also has the authority to formulate Church laws, to sit as a judge in Church disputes, and to compel adherence to these rules.

These regulations generally concern worship, preaching, the administration of the sacraments, the protection of the faithful’s faith and morality, and religious instruction.

Elders: An elder is a person in a Christian community who is respected for their knowledge and has a position of responsibility and leadership.

A church elder can also be known as a member of the church who has spiritual authority. He should be a long-term church member, often elderly, who is available to offer leadership and mentorship to other congregation members.

The primary criteria for elders are stated in two major texts: 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9. It is worth noting that both scriptures refer to an elder as the “husband of one wife,” meaning that only men are to fill these duties.

Deacons: A deacon is a member of the diaconate, a position in Christian churches that, while it varies among theological and denominational traditions, is typically linked with some form of service.

Biblically, all deacon must exercise self-control in speech, drink, and financial matters. Paul desires deacons to be men of moral character.

They must be dignified men, husbands to only one wife, and good managers of their children and families.


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